Let's Dance

...and with that win order has been restored to the universe. If the good lord does indeed call me home this year, to be able to go out on a national championship year is a nice touch. I had another great weekend of watching the boys play basketball. The youngest put in an energetic and enthusiastic display against some older kids. The oldest, had another good outing- so good in fact, that the league director has decided to move him to the 13-15 year-old league (he’s ten). We’ll see how that plays out. 

Big news of the week was the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman- both English, both aged 69, both of cancer. 69 is way too young, but damn, what I wouldn’t give to make it another 26 years myself (yes, I know I’ve said that before). I won’t front like I was a huge fan of either, but I have a great deal of respect for them both. I wasn’t always keen on Bowie’s music (and he seemed a little weird), but I really admired his ability to influence so many different avenues of art. Rickman, of course, had one of the coolest voices ever. The way he crafted his lines is probably the reason why I found Snape the most interesting character in the Potter movies. (Incidentally, the oldest and I just finished reading the series simultaneously. That was fun. Now we’re on to Asimov’s Foundation series).

I apologize again for not anything more substantive to write about this week. I’m going to try to put together something with a bit more meat on the bones very soon. In the meantime know that things are going pretty well and that I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Chemo music: My favorite Bowie song of all time. I only bought one Bowie record, I was eleven years old and it was a 45 single (and I vividly remember buying a yellow 45 RPM spindle at the same time).

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