Obligatory Ironman Post

So, now that Chattanooga hosts its own Ironman event, I am forced to remind everyone each year that I once finished an Ironman- Florida 2002.

This update is different. Similar to the Zapruder film, video evidence of the event has been uncovered. As my brother was the cameraman, only he can explain why less than two minutes exist of an event that lasted well over a dozen hours (if you know Andrew, then you won't need to question why). Here we go.

Still looking for time and motivation to write you a real post. I'll do my best.


Another Update Post

It’s been a rather hectic autumn. A shame really. This is one of my favorite times of the year, and I didn’t really get to enjoy it. To be fair, my doctors and nurses are all still shocked/amazed that I’m working full-time while undergoing treatment for multiple liver abscesses, administering home IV antibiotics, and dealing with three drains hanging out of my liver. Eh, what’s a guy to do, stay at home and watch Springer? (I'm dating myself) No time for a deep and/or meaningful post, so you must once again settle for an update. 

Work has been a mixed bag. As always, Iowa has been a joy and pleasure to work on, and we’re busy on some really good projects. Closer to home, it’s been a bit of a struggle for a variety of reasons. This will be an interesting topic to write about when the time is right, but now I’m keeping my nose to the grindstone.

A few weeks ago the state chapter of the AIA held their annual convention in Chattanooga. On the final day they presented me with the 2016 TN AIA Presidential Award of Excellence. Ostensibly, this is for my efforts in working to establish the Design Studio, but as with a number of the other very kind gestures I’ve received over the past year, I suspect my cancer also has something to do with it. Cancer or no cancer, however, that’s a tremendous acknowledgment and I appreciate everyone who had something to do with it- I would name names, but I’m sure I’d forget someone, but anyway, you know who you are. 

Many thanks to the architects. 

In other C.Rushing news, a few months I agreed to sit down with my buddy Matt Busby to talk about cancer and career. A few weeks ago when he launched his Camp House podcast, he put those interviews online. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, you can find the career interview here and the cancer interview here. (and he’s big on checking the analytics of his site, so please at least follow the links and let’s see if we can get his numbers up. 

As far as ‘Bama goes, I have severe concerns. The finals of our two games have belied what I consider to be serious flaws in the football team. Although it will break my heart to see, I suspect they will lose two games this years- it feels an awful lot like 2010. As long as we beat Tennessee and Auburn, however, I’ll be able to die happy.

Ya’ll have a great week, and hopefully I’ll be able to really get back with you soon. Cheers.