Happy Tuesday

Before we get started, I will say that this is a Seinfeld post. In other words, it’s a post about nothing. My mom gets mad if I take too much time off, however, so I figured I needed to write something. Also, this is funny.

The news of the day will be the national championship game. By the time you read this it will be settled, but as of writing the game has yet to be played. I am excited about the game and seeing Alabama play for another ‘ship. Unfortunately, we are spoiled, this being our fourth championship appearance in seven years. I must admit that it’s been more difficult getting up for this one than it was for the first in this run in ’09. My poor children are in for a shock as they get older and realize that playing the NC isn’t something that happens very often. In any event, I hope the Tide played hard and gave a good accounting of themselves last night.

As for me, things are peachy. I’m writing this from the chemo chair as I get my biweekly dose of Irinotecan. The main side effect of this drug is potentially life-threatening diarrhea (Of the things that might get me, dear lord, don’t let it be diarrhea). Although this is the moist common side effect, it hasn’t bothered me just yet. Nausea, vomiting, cramps and fatigue have been the trade-off. As with the Gemzar and Cisplatin, however, I’ve handled things pretty well. That my body has dealt with chemo side effects so well is certainly a blessing, and something I’m very thankful for. Many of the people in the room with me right now aren’t nearly as fortunate.

For now, there is still hair under the hat.
It's just freezing out there!
Speaking of the people in the room- I am by at least a decade the youngest here virtually every visit. I would wager that most of the folks here are at least in their sixties. What I wouldn’t give to live for another twenty years in order to die young in my sixties (as David Bowie did today, God rest him). Unfortunately, that does not appear to be my fate. Fortunately, I can make peace with that.

On the whole, life is good these days. I will do my best to come up with some more entertaining/engaging topics in the coming weeks (if you have any ideas, please let me know). Until then, ya’ll be good.

I've spent my time in the chair today listening to Depeche Mode. With so many good tunes, it's tough to play favorites, but for today let's go with this, this and this.

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