Let it Snow

Well, that was lame. We were all set to enjoy a snow-filled weekend, but the snow didn’t really commit to the occasion. In fact, our schools closed for a couple of snow days this week when there was actually no snow at all. As fate would have it, I was the only Rushing to experience snow this week as I was off visiting my friends and clients in Iowa.

Iowa is famous for it’s role in the national political process and the amount of effort that the candidates expend there. While I was there Trump and Palin were also there making their announcement. Cruz visited the small town where I work days before I got there and Rubio was to visit days after my departure. Watching TV from the hotel room, I was amazed and amused by the sheer volume of political attack ads. My clients say their phones have been ringing off the hook. I suppose the benefit of living in a state like Tennessee that leans solidly toward one party is not having to deal with that mess.

As most of you know, I hate politics. The tone and tenor of our national discourse is deplorable. There is no level of civility and the overwhelming majority of the arguments are mean-spirited. In the end, both parties serve the same masters- choice is an illusion (as is the “change” we are always promised).

I’m a moderate conservative- a dying breed. Unfortunately, there is no candidate on either side that represents my perspective. Those at the far right end of the spectrum have taken over the Republican party (along with some crazy people). There is little compassion in this group, and even less willingness to consider ideas that fall outside of the far right party line. Most of them would classify me as a RINO (Republican In Name Only) for my tendency to value pragmatic compromise over ideological purity. On the other hand, Democrats will flat out say publicly that I am of the most loathsome class of person on the planet- a self-employed, white, straight, male, conservative, gun owning, Christian from Alabama. Beyond being offend that they are offended by my existence, I’m philosophically opposed to most of their other aims- primarily as it relates to the size and role of government.

What’s a boy to do? Should I vote for a mean, crazy right-winger? Should I vote for a party that blames people like me for all of the problems in the country and that is not shy about promising to take more of my “wealth” because I’m not paying my “fair share”*? That’s a dilly of a pickle. In the end, the question is moot because I won’t likely be around to vote in November anyway. I have serious concerns about the future of the country, but that challenge will be for my boys to deal with. Moving swiftly on, now that I have thoroughly offended you all…

This week I did something that I rarely do- check the stats on this ol’ blog. I was astounded and mortified by what I found. The astounding part is that the average number of page views is now several times over more than what it was when this was strictly about urban design in Chattanooga. I was mortified to see that this is my most viewed post of all time- by a long shot. I cringe at that post for a number of reasons: a) it portrays my whiny side; b) things actually got worse than they were at that point; c) in hindsight it was a missed opportunity.

There are at least a couple of lessons to be learned in this case. First and foremost- always put your best foot forward. When I wrote that post I had no idea that readership would extend well into five figures(!?).  The overwhelming majority of those people didn’t read anything else that I’ve written. That single post is the only version of C.Rushing those people will ever know. I’m gutted that the bitter, whiny version of myself is what so many people were exposed to (at least to the extent that I should care about what others think of me). Now matter how funny, caring, thoughtful, (or modest) I think I am, those folks will never know, because I did not represent myself in that way. Such a shame.

The other lesson to remember is that everything you put online has the potential to be seen by a lot of people. This is something that I know I know, but I guess I have a problem keeping it in the forefront of my mind. Had I known that I was going to have such a big audience I would have written something of value and meaning. Alas, that ship has sailed- a missed opportunity.

I hope ya’ll have a great week. Please don’t slate me because of political rant, I love all of my friends on both the left and right. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Again, I love hearing from you and apologize for being slow to respond to so many of you. I’ve been terrible but resolve to do better from here on out! Until next week, I love you, take care.

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