Above the Dirt

Well friends, after your robust response yesterday, I feel compelled to make a quick follow-up. Perhaps I put too a fine a point on a post that was essentially a whinge about the difficulties of not having "a future" to look forward to.

There is no need to hide my shoe-laces and belts. I have no nefarious intent for either of new firearms. I am still 100% fully engaged in my professional work both in Chattanooga and in the great state of Iowa (where I can found this week). I still love ya'll, and I'm not completely checking out of my social responsibilities.

I greatly appreciate all of your sentiments, best wishes, and love- I can feel it. So, as I said, don't cry for me just yet, I'm still above the dirt.

I'll be back soon, in the meantime, enjoy some pix of the new Beretta...

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  1. Thank you for writing. You barely know me from Eve but I have prayed for you much and will continue to. Psalm 18 is my "Christian Rushing" prayer. You are loved more than you can know.