A Giant Sucking Sound

Apologies for all of the cussing this week, but I’m sure the Good Lord will forgive me, and the media is saying that it means you’re more intelligent. If so, let’s get this shit started. 

The weekend, ah the weekend. From a general sense it was just fine, I got to spend it with the family, that’s all I ask of a weekend, really. Big boy’s team won their tournament, and the little one didn’t seem too bothered that his team lost their friendly. In the end, ‘Bama overcame itself and won against a top ten team. So it’s tough to say I had a tough weekend. 

That said, a lot of things sucked. A lot of people sucked, and life in many ways conspired to make things suck. I have therefore, in line with my new approach to life, decided to starting calling out things that suck, describing why they suck, and outlining any steps I may take to counter these sucks in the future. Warning, no one is safe, and there is no sacred cow. 

Things that Suck: October 22-28

-Murfreesboro, Tennessee. What a horrible place. We played our tourney there and had to spend the night. The place is nothing more than a series of strip malls tied together by crazy TDOT projects with some half-finished sub-divisions scattered around for good measure. ACTION: None, other than to try to avoid the place at all costs. 

-The parents of the TN SC 05 Showcase youth soccer team. Horrible soccer parents- bad hombres and nasty women to be certain. Please learn how to conduct yourselves in public with some level of decency. Also, please learn the rules before you jump on the referees. ACTION: None, other than to hope we don’t play them in another tourney this year.

-The O’Charley’s in Franklin, TN. Despite having the lowest expectation of anything on this list, the place still managed to leave a (literal) bad taste in our mouth. As the youngin’ and I were driving up to reunite the family in M’boro after his friendly, we thought it would be a good idea to stop at a casual dining bar and watch a few minutes of the ‘Bama game- it wasn’t. It’s sad and depressing, but this how America feeds itself. ACTION: Long-term boycott of said establishment. 

-Richard Siegel Field (or whomever runs the programs there). Even though the boys won it, this was a poorly run tournament. The icing was what is in every other tournament a 10-minute medal ceremony, that turned into an interminable wait for any form of acknowledgment or authority figure to take charge. When someone finally stepped up, it was akin to a duffer agonizing over a six-inch putt for quadruple bogey- get off the stage! ACTION: Hope we never have to play there again.

and some things sucked in Chattanooga as well…

-One morning when I was desperately hungry, and craving a butter croissant, I went to the ordinarily outstanding Neidlov’s. Problem was, on this day it was cash only – who the hell carries cash anymore. I ended up leaving hungry and bitterly disappointed. ACTION: I’m boycotting Neidlov’s for some amount of time, yet to be determined.

-After a particularly hard day, I left a meeting at River City and dropped downstairs to Community Pie, as I was craving their papardelle Bolognese. To my dismay, they have taken that off the menu. Being a Cretan, the bartender couldn’t fathom that I didn’t want another pasta with the same sauce. The pasta should be the star, the sauce is simply a condiment. I left without eating- hungry and disappointed. ACTION: I’m boycotting Community Pie for the indefinite future. 

That’s all I can write about as far as things that suck go. Deep breath. How about some good things? I’m proceeding with my new happiness strategy, and it seems to be working pretty well when I’m not in a rage. I’m still trying to figure the rural land issue out so I can design and build a new house (but nothing is set yet, so please keep the tips and leads coming!) Retail therapy has been quite successful, but I might cool those greens until we get the house stuff figured out. I got to take my new rifle out earlier this week before I left. I stopped by Academy Sports to buy some ammo beforehand and ended up buying a new gun as well- I’m officially out of control (I love it). As you may have inferred from above, I have also decided to damn the reasons that I can’t embark on long-distance travel, and that is what I’m up to this week. A lot you know about it, the rest of you will have to wait until next week to hear the details – unless you keep an eye on Facebook.

On the health front, I’m back on the chemo these days, so fatigue is still an issue, as is pain from time to time. As I understand it, we’ve slightly adjusted the chemo, and the side effects are slightly different. Sensitivity to cold of all kinds, and let’s say “intestinal distress” at inopportune moments are the two biggest. They keep telling me I’m going to lose my hair, but it’s heroically hanging on as best I can tell. It’s also supposed to be some seriously nasty stuff, but I don’t feel too bad off. My biggest issue right now is my self-diagnosed gastroparesis. Essentially, my stomach is not clearing food that I eat, so a meal can sit around in there for a day or two causing gas, cramps, reflux, bloating, vomiting, etc. It makes it difficult to eat because there is no room for new food to go- this is probably a big reason why I keep losing/can’t gain weight.

On the happy side of health, however, I have found, that at least for now, if I keep on top of the pain management, nap regularly, and give my body a break from time to time, I’m fine as frog hair. Ooh, I love a nap- any time of day or night. Give me my couch, my Phi Delt blanket and anything over 20 minutes and I’m golden. 

That’s my thousand-plus words for the week. Be on the lookout for a more interesting post next time. I'm still ready to die, but on my terms. See you next week?

As for music, why not keep it aggressive and vulgar? I'm gon give it to ya

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