D'you Know?

I really, really wish I had time to sit down and compose a nice blog post for you. Unfortunately, there have not been enough hours in my day. I would, at least, like you to know that I’m still kicking. Rest assured that the reason for my silence is due to being busy, not due to malaise. In addition to being “busy” it is also a rather dynamic time for me. I suspect I will have more to fill you in on shortly.  

Health is headed in the right direction. The tumor has stayed the same size despite the fact I haven’t had chemo in a couple of months. We’ve just about licked the multiple liver abscesses, and hopefully the drains will come out in a week or so. Of course, I’m not perfect – I’m anemic, I’m still on antibiotics, my numbers on various organs are up and down due to medicines, and I’m quite skeletal and need to pick up some weight. But all in all, as long as I don’t look in the mirror I feel pretty damned good. 

The boys are both in school- one is loving his new academic environment, the other has settled in for another year-long battle with teachers and administrators (or something like that). Travel soccer (and practice) is also in full swing for the boys, so here’s to another Fall of seeing the South, one soccer tournament at a time. 

Alabama’s first game is in 5 days, and I’m having a tough time generating enthusiasm. I think I had so much emotionally invested in dying while ‘Bama was the National Champion that I’ve subconsciously dreaded a new season. Subconscious dread or not, football is upon us. The other football is upon us as well. Birmingham City has a decent but not stellar start to the season. It would be nice to see them in person again before I kick the can.

Anyway, that’s life in a nutshell. I promise to try to find some time to craft a better read sometime very soon. Until then, ya’ll be good.

This week’s top track: one of my top three favorite songs by my favorite band got remixed by Noel. This is the original, this is the remix. Can you guess my favorite? For fun, this is a hilarious interview with Noel discussing the song (F-bomb warning)

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