Excuses and Links

It's looking like every week I fall another day behind- my bad. I'll try to get back to a regular, weekly schedule as soon as I can. For those of you who don't know, I've spent the last year-plus working the full-time job of starting a non-profit design studio from scratch in addition to continuing a downtown/riverfront revitalization project in Iowa, all while trying to find time to travel a bit with my wife and the boys. This, of course, set against the backdrop of my diagnosis of stage four gall-bladder cancer, the prognosis of a year to live, sixteen months of chemotherapy, some radiation, and an brief run of immunotherapy. In retrospect, that I've been able to keep the blog up at all is a minor miracle (but a fun one, of course).

This week, I'm kind of cheating. The main feature is written by someone else. Please follow this link  to read an article about the launch of the Chattanooga Design Studio. Not all of the quotes are exact, but I think Dave did a really good job of capturing the story.

As for the future, we're working to get moved in to our new space in early July. Naturally, things will be quite hectic between now and then, but I'll do my best to sneak a short post in each week. Cheers.

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