Ok, I was supposed to finish the story I started last week. Unfortunately, and despite a valiant last second effort, I couldn't do it justice. Therefore, the conclusion will come next week...assuming I can find the time that I couldn't find this week. In the meantime, how about a very short story from the Rushing house.

Last weekend our boys went to a birthday party at a skating rink (just like Looney’s of the 80’s for my Montgomery readers). After skating for a while, the kids moved on to the arcade. My youngest went on a heater and won 537 tickets playing various games. He then redeemed 500 of those tickets on a “diamond" ring from the prize wall. When he got home, he stopped, dropped to one knee and proceeded to propose to my wife (right in front of me!) We later found that this simply an elaborate scheme to earn extra screen time, but it was sweet and entertaining anyway (if not a direct challenge to my status as Head of Household). I've got to keep an eye on that one.
I sensed something was afoot and had camera phone at the ready.
Health Update: I have a rare, painful, and aggressive cancer- aside from that I'm good. Feeling good, looking good, working hard. My next scan is sometime next month. Aside from that, there's not much to update.

This week Stone Roses released their first new single in a million years- it's pretty good. While they may have patched things up, I don't believe they'll ever reach this level  or this level again (but admittedly, that's a terribly high standard).

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