The Road Warriors

THAT was a road trip of epic proportion. One week, 2031 miles, one charrette, one pro baseball game, 6 Sullivan Buildings, the Bearded One, four brothers, and this song replayed 680 times on Sirius FM. (I could go on, but what happens at the Horseshoe stays at the Horseshoe). I tell you, without ego or conceit, that this was the finest charrette I’ve ever led. Every professional on the team brought their A game and showed out. I arrived home just in time to celebrate Christianmas with the family. Truly a week that I will never forget, alas, all good things must come to an end.

That's 2k+ to you and me...

While I’m not quite willing to call an end to the Summer of Sullivan, this would have been a great note to close on. Rather than overwhelm you with the Sullivanian awesomeness I saw this week, I'm going to spread it out. Fear not, we will have a grande finale sometime in August. In the meantime, please enjoy...

People's Federal Savings and Loan Association
This building has the distinction of being the only of the Jewel Boxes that is still inhabited by the original client. It is awesome. Unfortunately, we were running a bit behind schedule, and didn't get to see inside. What we saw, however, made up for what we missed.

Thanks to my man Brad at Accendo Studios for this shot.

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