Touch That Thang!!

As promised, I'm taking the week off. I do, however, have a few random comments...

-Roll Tide.

-Let's set the record straight.  Courtney Upshaw has gone on record that "Touch that thing fo" is in reference to #4 Mark Barron,  not "Touch that thing folk" as tweeters from outside the South would have it (#touchthatthingfolk was trending a week ago today). It was indeed refreshing to see a young man who clearly embraces the team ahead of self. I'm tiring of hearing the "great players, make great plays" indirect approach to self-aggrandization in post-game interviews.

-Apparently, it is hatin' season. Not only against the Tide, but against yours truly as well. Fortunately, that is one of the indications that you're on the right track. Haters, hate away...

-I thought last week's Urban Design Challenge was excellent. The crowd was large and energetic (again), the team did an excellent job, and the River City Company crew was on point once again. The Patten Parkway presentation marked milestone in the shift of project type for the challenge. The six sites of the challenge form a continuum of scale from site to district. The first two projects were essentially sites that were informed by their districts, and the final four will lean toward being district interventions that inform particular sites. I'm stoked to see what the last three teams come up with, the first three teams set a high bar.

See you next week.

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