House Cleaning

As my writing time falls on Mother’s Day this week, I will be brief. This is fine, because from time to time, it’s necessary to pause the C.Rushing narrative and do some housecleaning. This week’s post is a collection of blurbs that need to be addressed but that probably don’t warrant a full post unto themselves. Yep, I’m sticking ya’ll with a “clip show”. (sorry)

-If you have not read the article from The Pulse on urban design, you probably should. It’s a decent piece of work, and not just because I’m heavily quoted. (Although this does extend my perfect record of being misquoted or otherwise put on blast by a writer).

-I’m very excited for River City Company's next Urban Design Challenge. Tuesday, 5:30pm at Christ Central Church on Vine St. If you see me, please stop and say hey. As always, I will be fielding your questions and comments for the design team- email me, comment to this page, the Facebook page, or on Twitter at #urbandesignCHA

-As a follow up from last week’s post, let me clarify my comments on pedestrian bridges. I was writing specifically about downtown Chattanooga- not in the ‘burbs (where everything defers to the car anyway). I was also specifically referring to pedestrian bridges that connect sidewalk to sidewalk– not skyways that connect two buildings. Skyways that link two complimentary uses- an office tower and parking structure for example- are mostly benign. However, in some cities extensive skyway networks have been established as surrogates for sidewalks, that practice can be problematic. However, I just don’t see that as being a potential problem for Chattanooga- we don’t have that kind of density, development pattern, or “excuse” to do anything like that (not to mention desire). If this is a subject that interests you, this is an interesting take.

-Big food news lately, last week was the start of our CSA, this week is Harvested Here Restaurant Week. Get thee to one (or more) of the participating restaurants and eat. The importance of local food production in the health of the city and it’s residents cannot be overstated. Food production also has very real land use and urban design implications; probably worthy of a full-blown post, stay tuned.

-Congrats to the U8 Green Phoenix for winning their league this past weekend…
A very happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! See you next week.

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